Japan Osaki Dacco Pelvic Belt
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Origin Japan.

Good for after delivered

Post-partum pelvic belts hold the post-partum pelvic
-Use material to fit body
-Easy installation by myself
Sit-gap began to shape hard
The body size and hips 87 cm to 105 cm
[Producer] Japan
Product model: 60806
Product weight: 81.6 g
Packing size: 15.6 x 5 x 11.7 cm
Gender: Unisex
Material: 96% nylon surface and polyurethane, 4% cotton / polyurethane resin, in 100% cotton / nylon
Batteries: no
Product explanation Kyuto belt 1 piece entrance is a postpartum supporter that supports elasticized pelvic flooring after relieving stretchy fabric. It can be attached easily even by just pulling with a cute and just stopping with one touch tape. The part corresponding to the lower abdomen is one step lower shape, making it difficult to lift even when sitting. With postpartum mothers pelvic care Q & A to answer Mamas question.
Mounting method 1. Align the feet, turn the belt from the front to the back, and cross the belt at the butt side. 2. Extend both ends of the belt to the left and right. 3. Stop the end with a one-touch tape in the extended state. Precautions on use * Do not tighten up from the superior iliac spines. It causes the pelvis to open. * If you are in the hospital due to low back pain etc please be sure to consult a doctor etc before use, please use. * In the unlikely event of physical abnormality during use, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor or midwife. * Do not use directly on the skin, please be sure to wear underwear on. * When detaching, please be careful not to catch the male part of one touch tape on clothing. Notes * Please wash with one-touch tape stopped. * Because there is a risk of falling color, please separate it from white object and light color thing separately. * Please avoid tumble dry. Approximate duration of wearing Immediately after delivering 6 weeks (we recommend wearing during periods when the pelvis is soft and easy to distort.)

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