Ttg (Tongkat Ali+Gingko)30s
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Specially formulated to improve men’s health both physically and mentally. TTG 420 is suitable for men:

  • ages 30 and above
  • with low libido
  • with high stress levels
  • low energy levels
  • with poor blood circulation
  • who are increasing muscle mass and strength
  • who want to reduce body fat and waistline

Product Description:

This special formula consists of;

Tribulus terrestris extract 170mg
Eurycoma Longifolia water soluble extract 120mg
Ginkgo biloba extract 130mg
Tribulus terrestris is used;

to raise serum testosterone by stimulating the androgen receptor in the brain
to improve the sexual desire via the conversion of protodioscine to DHEA
to improve muscle strength
Eurycoma longifolia

restores the cortisol and testosterone hormone levels
improves the semen volume and sperm quality
improves the libido and sexual satisfaction
Gingko biloba

increases the body’s ability to maintain an erection during sexual stimulation
increases nitric oxide which helps to vasodilate the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow
is widely used to help impotence in men
Box of 30’s vegetable capsules

Take 1 to 2 capsules once daily every morning after breakfast.

What's in the box

30s x1


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